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5 Must To See Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions

Edinburgh city is a tourist hot spot and prettiest city of Scotland and also millions of tourists visit every year. After London, Edinburgh is considered to be the second popular tourist city in UK.

Edinburg, the capital of Scotland is a beautiful place filled with scenic beauty, beautiful architecture, beautiful galleries and museums, and many other stunning attractions.

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions

Here are top Edinburgh Scotland tourist attractions which you cannot ignore when visiting the city.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions - Edinburgh Castle

Your visit to this popular city would be incomplete, if you do not visit the Edinburgh Castle which is considered a landmark of the city. The caste is nestled on the top of a volcanic rock and offers it visitor’s panoramic view of Edinburgh’s skyline.

When visiting the castle, visitors are enthralled by the beauty of its great halls, the chapel and the Stone of Destiny.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions - Palace of Holyroodhouse

Palace of Holyroodhouse is another wonderful palace in Edinburgh, which you should not miss. This palace located at bottom of Royal Mile in Edinburgh, is the Scotland monarch’s official residence.

Queen Elizabeth stays in this palace for one week during the beginning of summer year. You can visit the Queen’s gallery, where the Royal collection is exhibited. Except during the Queen’s stay, it is open for public.

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburg

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions - Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburg

Apart from Oxford, the Royal Botanic Gardens Endinburn established in 1670 can be considered as one of the oldest botanical garden in Brittan. This garden was established with the objective of growing medicinal plants.

There are nearly 13,302 varieties of plant species in this beautiful garden. Now it is studied for biodiversity and the spring season is the best time to visit it.

National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions - National Museum of Scotland

Located at Chambers Street, the National Museum of Scotland underwent renovations which were around 47 million pounds. This museum has over 8000 objects in display in its 16 galleries.

In these galleries you would discover unique facts about modern science along and natural world. Therefore it is one of the popular top Edinburgh Scotland tourist attractions.

Scott Monument

Edinburgh Scotland Tourist Attractions - Scott Monument

One of the greatest writers of Scotland is Sir Walter Scott. The Scott Monument was established after his death and here you can explore the different facets of this great writer along with his works.

The Scott monument has the famous 287 steps which when covered would provide you with a great skyline view of the city. If you love literature this tourist attraction would top your must visit list when visiting Edinburgh Scotland.

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